Children of light series

Series Aim

This term we want to inspire the children with how knowing and following Jesus changes us. Jesus brings light into our darkness, so we can understand who He is; we are then changed to live as children of the light. This series is particularly focused at preparing our children to consider how we live differently as Christians in a world that loves darkness rather than light. This difference is motivated by loving and knowing Jesus more and more.

I particularly want us to encourage our older children, as they prepare to go to secondary school; we want to cheer them on to live for Christ in all that lies ahead, to live as lights for Jesus where He takes them.

We have taught the concept of Jesus being the light before (our “I AM” series) but this time I want us to take it a little further, to look at how the New Testament applies the difference light makes and how we lives as lights whilst waiting for Christ’s return.

We are given 2 big illustrations in the New Testament of how light changes things, firstly the truth of who Jesus is is revealed to us, like light shining into darkness, the change is DRAMATIC! Secondly the light shines out of us in the way we live, Jesus’ life was light to a dark world, we are to do the same powered by His spirit at work in us, the change in us is AUTOMATIC. We are called to live as lights in the darkness, until one day we are with Jesus forever in heaven, where there is no more darkness, and all of heaven is filled with the light of Jesus.

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