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Where Do We Go From Here? A Series On Heaven

Motto Text 2021

Christmas 2020

Philippians 2020

Jonah's Game, Jonah's God

Psalm 23

The Gospel of John

Seven Sayings From The Cross

7 Letters

2 Peter

Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

Motto Text 2019

Feels Like Christmas

Lost and Found

Grasping His Greatness

One Body Many Parts

Armour Of God

Romans - God's Good News

Acts of the Apostles

The Great God of Daniel

Fruit of the Spirit

Motto Text 2018

The Five Solas

Reformation Biographies

Real Life Encounters With Jesus


The Seven I Am's of Jesus

Motto Text 2017

Teach Us To Pray

The Gospel of Luke

Ruth and Redemption

From Here to Eternity

Pauls letter to the Philippians

The Truth about Angels and Demons

Redeeming Christmas

Motto Text 2017

Job - Grief and Grace

I am a Christian

Following In The Footsteps of Jesus

Non-Series Sermons

Elijah - Man of Faith and Fire

Grace Is Ten


Motto Text 2016

We are currently in the process of migrating our sermon library across to our new podcasting service, Simplecast. A team of our members are moving the whole catalogue of sermons across to the new platform, which will host all of our new audio sermons for us. Soon, all sermons will be available as podcasts from wherever you normally get your podcasts. As such, there are some of our sermon series that may appear blank currently. Please bear with us as we transfer these precious resources to the new platform. Clicking the logo on the left will take you to our page hosted by Simplecast.